Specifically, Ms. Star specializes in helping people identify and significantly improve chronic, severe, and/or traumatic core issues of the emotional, physical, and/or metaphysical aspects.  She’s found that there are always definite metaphysical meanings behind a variety of ailments and dis-eases, waiting for us to explore and learn the lessons behind them.

This is done in two ways through Ms. Star as an empath and a conduit for channeling divine light of needed color frequencies into the related chakras:  The transference of energy via spontaneous chi-gong, and/or being in a meditative state when visually perceiving the light colors and the client’s chakras, as guided by the Divine Source.

First, by identifying the related chakras towards the goals that one has in mind, and upon request, Ms. Star can also help the individual determine healing goals.

Second, upon the commencement of the determined treatment plan, we will then have sufficient time and space to reach deeper into the layers of these age-old blockages, and release existing root causes in them that energetically counter the quality or the effectiveness of our efforts in life, namely, the existing or holding energy patterns in the chakras.

During the sessions we’d replenish the energy vortices that have lost their original luster and became bent out of shape as they were bombarded by repeated life lessons owing to karmic energies being balanced, often over lifetimes, including this one.  The necessary light frequency combination would come through Ms. Star as brilliant colors, over the accrued effect built up over the sessions of a treatment plan, bringing the respective target chakras to their optimal state, or transformation, yet still allowing room for conscious or mental participation in that individual—as there is always metaphysical wisdom behind the variety of ailments and dis-eases, which are essentially why the soul planned them in a human life time, from which we are able to learn.

Often the programmed lessons in the individual’s divine plan or karmic contract over lifetimes, plus the wounds of the current life time’s early childhood development, all work to shape the inherent behavioral patterns through which we function and interact with the outside world; they affect the way we feel, think, and act, and thus manifest or attract external experiences that reflect these age-old wounds, in accordance with the soul’s plan to nudge or even push in order to turn us around with their level of impact.

The purpose of this healing work is to bring these suppressed, long-ignored, yet subconsciously festering issues into light, and then heal at the body, mind, and soul level, guided by one’s Divine or Higher self–In an act of healing, as merely a trained medium to facilitate the work, Ms. Star is one with and connects you, your higher Self, and the Divine energy of the Creator.

As the chakras are restored, and released of negative energy patterns in the corresponding bodies, this in turn frees us from attracting or manifesting outwardly and repeatedly, the life difficulties that correspond to the functional themes of each chakra to a sufficient level, where people no longer feel impossibly stuck or overwhelmed over long periods of time, and thus we’d regain the needed strength to begin anew–the purpose is to restore people to where the self-healing capability are re-activated, not to have people depend on a external source of healing for life.

As enough space is left for the individual to explore and learn from these seemingly repeated thematic life lessons, one is then able to exercise an improved, new state of thinking, feeling, and being.  With the restored energy flow, the inward processing and the outward expressing chakra energies can then in better balance, and one would be able to lead a life with a healthier sense of being, which is in harmonious touch with the self and others.



Ajna台中市身心靈研究推廣協會 講師






一 – 二 : 16:30 – 19:30

四 – 五 : 16:30 – 19:30

六 : 16:30 – 18:30



Skype:  chakra.healer

Google Voice/Text:  512-537-7789

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/StarAjna/info

E-mail:  divinelightchakrahealing@gmail.com


A 15-minute preliminary verbal consultation is free.   During the preliminary consultation, a recommended treatment plan specific to your healing goals or target will be provided.

Actual distance healing sessions are provided over Skype or phone for best results at agreed scheduled time.

The same rules apply to animal cases.

May your profound, effective healing, and the beauty of our crossed paths unfold.